Capitalize your business with federal funds

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Federal Government Types of Funds

If you already have the idea of a business or are seeking the growth of your company, VINK can help you incubate your idea and link-up with different sources of financing through Governmental Funds.

Government Funds.– is an instrument created to help enterprises of any size and the entrepreneurs with the intention of promoting the national economic development, through the granting of financial support for programs and projects that encourage the creation, development, viability, productivity, rivalry , and sustainability of enterprises, of ANY SIZE AND SECTOR.

Annually assigned Funds in Mexico


This are the different institutions though which the Federal Government assigns non-repayable funds:

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How and where can I have access to Government Funds?

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Capitalize your business with federal funds
Beneficiaries of non-repayable government funds

Individuals and organizations involved in a growth process that require a stimulus or federal support to help them increase their businesses, export, develop new technologies, and apply new business methods and models with added value and private or social benefits.

Percentaje of Financing

The financing amount can be combined with own funds or external financing. For specific programs it is required to provide a percentage of the total amount, for the execution of the project, but in a great percentage of this projects the funding can be 100% provided with Federal Funds.

Financial Amounts

Varying between $100,000.00 MXN and $40,000,000.00 MXN depending on the size of the project and the government agency that assigns the resources, as well as the budget authorized by the federation.

Window for Application

The invitations or “windows”, are available at different dates throughout the year, and with different time intervals available to present the applications, according to the government agencies and programs along the year.


Generally the following requirements apply to both, enterprises and individuals:

  • Evidentiary Documents of legal constitution (Enterprise)
  • Federal Record of Taxpayers (Individual)
  • No criminal records Certificate
  • Being up to date with fiscal obligations at the SAT
  • Mexican Nationality (enterprises and individuals)
  • Having a Bank Account
  • 100% Finished project
  • Financial solvency to cover the required percentage of the project

With a plan that has the sufficient fundamentals to be carried out succesfully, to the creation of jobs, and the improvement of quality standards of life that exist in the Country. Almost any project has the chance of obtaining economic incentives with non-repayable funds.

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